Joining NATO is more important than EU membership, it should be decided in a referendum – Finland President

Tallinn. on 17 May. Interfax – President of Finland Sauli Niinistö said that the issue of a possible accession to the NATO should be addressed in a referendum.
“For Finland has something changed in this respect, to change public opinion. With this theme is related, in my opinion, the strange statement that people do not need something ask anything through a referendum, because people do not understand things and gives wrong answers we held a referendum on accession to the European Union given the current situation. I think NATO membership is a even more important topic, “-.. the president said in an interview with the Estonian Broadcasting ERR due to commence on Tuesday an official visit to Estonia.
Answering the question of whether to allow Finland in the case of a real war situation to use its territory to NATO forces for the protection of the Baltic States, he said: “My position is that the military situation to speculate a little inappropriate.”
In this regard, he focused on two points:
“Firstly, concluded with the NATO agreement on the so-called host Member State does not oblige us to anything. Second, we are constantly asking if that helps Finland, but never suggest that” we could and when indicated to help Finland. ” the discrepancy, meet – it’s your fault to join NATO, and we will help so that Finns like an obligation to help, despite the fact that we are such fools that do not join NATO this formula does not work very well “, -… I said, S.Niinistё.
“The security policy Finland comes from the fact that we are defending Finland, in all circumstances, and we have for this quite sufficient resources. At least, so many resources, so that each (the aggressor) was forced to think that he was waiting for an adequate response. But the same time, one might think, and that can get in the face of a good partner in Finland this is our geographical location is such that we should use and how diplomacy -. to such an extent as possible “, – said the president.
He noted that Finland was sometimes criticized for visits both in Moscow and in Washington.
“But, fortunately, this small extremes most people understand that we are supporting with its big neighbor such a good relationship, as far as they can in these conditions and, on the other hand, in our interests to maintain good relations with the United States..” – S.Niinistё stressed.



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