The commander of the Strategic Missile Force notes the increase in the training of personnel of mobile ground missile systems regiments

Moscow. May 19. Interfax-AVN – The level of combat training of the Strategic Missile Forces allows guaranteed to perform any task, said the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel-General Sergei Karakayev.
“The Strategic Missile Forces ensured maintaining the training of military control bodies, formations, military units and divisions at a level that guarantees the ability to perform tasks on purpose,” – said the captain, opening on Thursday a meeting of the military council.
According to him, quality problems are solved sudden exits missile regiments on combat patrol routes. “Due to the increase in terms of combat duty in field positions have a significant increase in field training missile regiments of mobile ground missile systems (PGRK),” – said the commander, who was quoted by press service of the military.
The general said that “practice alert unannounced inspections will be continued” in the Strategic Missile Forces.
Summing up the results of the winter training period, the commander said that all plans are made. “To ensure the maintenance of training of troops at a level that guarantees their ability to conduct combat operations in various conditions, ensured the readiness of missile regiments PGRK output of the field position, in accordance with the parameters of stealth and survivability”, – stated S.Karakaev.
Among the objectives of the summer training period he called, in particular, the “maximum approximation of combat training to the maintenance of modern warfare, the timely development of new weapons, the statement on combat duty in terms of units planned to rearm missile connections”.


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