Weapons, special military equipment to be displayed at Army 2016 forum

MOSCOW, May 23. /TASS/. Samples of weapons, military and special equipment of the ground forces will be presented at the Army 2016 international military-technical forum to be held in Kubinka outside Moscow on September 6-11, 2016 in, the Russian Defense Ministry press service reported on Monday.

“Dynamic display of equipment, aimed at demonstrating the capabilities of Russian weapons, military and special equipment in the field will be carried out at specially equipped test courses and sites of tracked and wheeled armored vehicles of the Alabino military range,” the press service quoted the Russian Ground Force Commander Colonel General Oleg Salyukov.

According to him, the forum will feature the Tigr-M (Tiger-M) multipurpose vehicle with a fighting unit with Arbalet-DM remote control, the T-72B3 tank, Iskander-M tactical missile system, the Tornado-T and Tornado-S multiple launch rocket systems, MSTA-SM self-propelled howitzer, Khosta self-propelled artillery piece, Tor M2U anti-aircraft missile system.

The demonstration will take place in open air grounds for large samples of weapons, military and special equipment and in the pavilions of the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Centre of the military-patriotic recreation park of the Russian Armed Forces in the town of Kubinka.



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