Northern Fleet carried out complex combat exercises in the White Sea

Russian Northern Fleet has fulfilled complex martial exercises in White Sea with small antisubmarine ship from the military-marine base of the northern fleet. In framework planned battle studies held teaching on defeat ship artillery complexes air and marine aims in ranges battle training in White Sea. In course artillery target practice calculations complexes ак-176 and ак-630 successfully have fulfilled exercises on conducting battle with surface ship conditional enemy at intensive maneuvering and defeat marine and air aims on various distances. The Crew also worked for application weapons, use technical means and means electronic fight for reflection simultaneous attack means air attack and fast boats conditional enemy. After performance artillery target practice sailors-overcame conditional mine barrage with transcripts shooting on floating mine from complex ак-630. Also the Crew has fulfilled practical bombing from reactive installation рбу-6000 and worked for complex events on fight with underwater diversive forces and means, including practical shooting from stationary and manual grenade launchers. Small antisubmarine ships project 1124 «albatross» have on arms artillery complexes ак-176м and ак-630м, jet bomb installation рбу-6000 and 533-мм torpedo apparatus, but also modern hydro-acoustic complexes. Are intended for protection water district points home forces fleet, search and destruction submarines in neighbor marine and coastal zone.


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