Russian military base | Battalion in South Ossetia completed tactical exercises 

Today, at the site of “Dzartsemi” in Douth Ossetia completed the active phase of the battalion tactical exercise (BTU) with live firing with units of the Russian military base stationed in South Ossetia.

Motorized rifle and tank units worked the action when lifting the alarm and the march in the exercise area. During the extension to the range of action of the battalion worked at the air raids and the use of the conditional enemy weapons of mass destruction.

Special attention was paid to the improvement of the teaching unit cohesion and skills of personnel while moving on the battlefield camouflage combat vehicles, overcoming minefields and building fortifications.

At the final stage of BTU units performed live firing of the standard weapons – tanks T-90A, BMP-3, 120-mm mortars, flamethrowers RPO “Bumblebee” in order to inflict maximum upcoming simulated enemy fire destruction.
The main purpose of teaching – the improvement of team skills of officers and coordination of units during combat operations in difficult geographical conditions mountainous area in conjunction with the military formations of other species and genera of Armed Forces.
The battalion tactical exercise involving more than 650 personnel and involved about 150 pieces of equipment.

This exercise was carried out as part of the final review of the summer training in 2016 and is the final stage outputs and summer field camp fees subdivisions of the Russian military base.


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