In Serbia started the Russian-Serbian flight tactical exercise “BARS-2016”

On the territory of the Republic of Serbia in accordance with the plan of international military cooperation it has begun flight-tactical exercise (LUT) with the pilots of Air Space Forces (VKS) Russia and the Air Force (Air Force) and the Air Defense Forces (PVO) Serbia “BARS-2016” .
At a ceremony marking the beginning of the LTU, the deputy chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Jovica Draganich presented the exercise participants and welcomed the Russian troops.
During the day, the Russian and Serbian pilots to go through theoretical training at Batajnica airport, to explore the area of ​​missions, conduct practical Exercises in the aeronautical engineering, as well as to work out the interaction with a group of flight control.
For the most efficient interaction in the composition of the crews of Russian pilots previously studied aeronautical terminology and phraseology keeping the radio in the Serbian language.
The LTU pilots from Russia and FSI Air Force and Air Defense of Serbia “BARS-2016” will be attended by the crews of aircraft MiG-29 and Mi-8 fighter and army aviation between the two countries. Total will involve up to 10 units of the air force and air defense forces of Serbia aircraft.
As part of the LTU Mi-8 crews will fulfill the task of landing and search and rescue support, and the MiG-29 crews strike conditional on the enemy on the ground, perform the interception of air targets, elements of air combat and aerobatics.



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