General Staff of Russian Armed Forces: US missile defense system is threat to free use of outer space

​First Deputy Head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Viktor Poznihir, said that the US missile defense system could be an obstacle for the free use of space.
“The US missile defense system is a threat to the free use of outer space by any state. Its anti-satellite potential is one of the reasons why the Americans remain opposed to any agreements on the non-deployment of weapons in space,” Pravda.Ru cited Viktor Poznihir as saying.
During the briefing “Global layered system of US missile shield as a threat to the military security of Russia and China and strategic stability in the world”, the official also said that the capacity of advanced Standard-3 missiles, 2A modification, with an increased destruction zone, allows to destroy Russian and Chinese spacecraft.
“Given the global nature of ships with interceptor missiles, the US will be able to interfere in space activities of any state,” the official said. 



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