​Iran, Azerbaijan to Hold Join Naval Drill in the Caspian Sea 

An Iranian flotilla of warships that has sailed toward Baku to convey Iran’s message of peace and friendship will hold a joint exercise with the Azeri naval forces in the Caspian Sea.

The Iranian flotilla, comprised of Damavand destroyer and Joshan missile-launching frigate, departed from the Caspian port city of Bandar Anzali on Sunday morning for Azerbaijan’s capital and coastal city of Baku.
A top Navy commander said a total of 200 seamen are aboard the fleet in the 3-day mission to Baku.
The Iranian and Azeri forces are also planned to stage a joint naval drill off the coasts of Baku and share their operational experiences.
In recent years, Iran’s naval forces have increased their presence in the international waters and have held several joint war games with the neighboring states, including Oman and Pakistan.
Reciprocal naval visits with the neighbors, such as Russia, has been also part of the Iranian Navy’s plans over the past years.

Sourcecode: tasnimnews.com


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