Russian Air Force Builds New Runway in Homs as ISIL Terrorists Flee Iraq to Syria

​The Russian Air Force has built a new runway at the T-4 Airbase in Eastern Homs to increase combat sorties against ISII terrorists, military sources said Wednesday, adding that Russian and Syrian warplanes are ready to hit ISIL convoys fleeing from Mosul in Northern Iraq to Eastern Syria.
The sources also said that several convoys of vehicles carrying ISIL terrorists have arrived in the Syrian territories as the Iraqi Army soldiers and popular forces have started a large-scale operation to recapture strategic city of Mosul.

The Syrian army said in a statement on Tuesday that the US and Saudi Arabia are allowing ISIL terrorists to flee from Mosul to Syria.
The General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces said the supporters of international terrorism were trying to secure safe routes and corridors for the ISIL terrorists who are fleeing Iraq’s Mosul to cross into Syria.
The Command said a “malicious scheme” by the backers of international terrorism, mainly the US and Saudi Arabia, was unfolding and becoming clear after military operations were launched by the brotherly Iraqi army and its supporting forces to liberate Mosul city from the gangs of ISIL terrorist organization.

The scheme, the statement explained, was to provide safe routes for the groupings of ISIL terrorists who are reeling under the Iraqi army’s strikes in Mosul-Iraq’s second largest city-to cross the border into the Syrian territory.
The aim of providing such corridors, it added, was to provide protection to the terrorists on the one hand and boost the terrorist presence inside the Syrian territory on the other hand in a bid to impose a new military reality in the Eastern region in the direction of Deir Ezzur, Raqqa and Palmyra (Tadmur).
The General Command of the Army stressed in its statement that the battle of liberating Mosul and the whole territory of Iraq from terrorism is its own battle.
The Command warned that it would consider any attempt at crossing into its border as “an attack on the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic,” and that those who attempt to do that would be regarded as terrorists and would be dealt with all the forces and means at its disposal.



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