Belarus lets US into military sphere

Representatives of the Belorussian and US Ministries of Defence on bilateral military cooperation have met in Washington. As it is reported, the countries signed a plan on military cooperation for the 2017 year.
Kirill Koktysh, member of the State Duma Committee for Affairs of Nationalities expert council, and member of the council of the Political Consultants Association, told Pravda.Ru about details of this military cooperation.
Which are the prospects of the US-Belarus cooperation in the military sphere?
I believe they are nothing but symbolic. That is, Belarus may cooperate with the US in terms of political manoeuvres only. One can hardly speak of a serious interoperability in fact.
Which events may be contained in the plan of the US-Belarus cooperation?
For the time being the only event of such cooperation is participation of the American orchestra during parade on 9 May. And I don’t think that something major may take place.
Before that the Belorussian Foreign Minister claimed that Minsk negatively took deployment of the NATO troops in the Eastern Europe.
In early-October the President Lukashenko stated that the country’s army, which had been updated, would defend Russia at the Western flank.


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