Egypt: military drills “Defenders of Friendship 2016” – Russian paratroopers had a unique experience of operating in the African desert

Over the past eight days of joint anti-terrorist exercises “Defenders of Friendship-2016” in the course of combat coordination units of the Airborne Troops (VDV), Russian and airborne troops in Egypt were carried out training for units management, feeding conventional signals in the exploration and advancement of the object, according to the commander Russian contingent to guard the teachings of Colonel Andrei Belyakov.
“In these exercises we are not only expanding cooperation with the Egyptian army, but also check the Tula paratroops – for them it is a control test for a year”, – said the officer.
He also added that in Egypt, the Russian paratroopers had a unique experience of operating on unfamiliar ground in the conditions of the African desert.
“At present, the Russian contingent performs tasks in a solid four, but the end result we will see tomorrow. First of all, the joint command of the estimated sharpness actions when leaving the line and control of troops from the battalion commander and the commander of the finishing department. We also pay special attention to the level of cooperation between departments of the two countries “, – said the Guard Colonel Andrei Belyakov.
According to him, the Russian paratroopers will spend a few more tactical and special training to show a willingness to carry out tasks in the active phase of the exercises, which starts on October 24th.
Recall, joint Russian-Egyptian anti-terrorist exercises “Defenders of friendship-2016” held from 15 to 26 October in the region of Alexandria, Egypt. Participation of Russian Airborne troops in international exercises regulated reached agreements with the Egyptian side and up the international activities of the Russian Defense Ministry.



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