Russian Black Sea Fleet to get two Varshavyanka subs Oct 25 and Nov 25 — manufacturer

Russia’s Black Sea Fleet will get its fifth and sixth submarine of project 636.3 (Varshavyanka) – The Veliki Novgorod and The Kolpino – on October 25 and November 25 respectively, the CEO of the Admiralty Shipyards, Aleksandr Buzakov, said on Friday.

‘Black holes’ of the Russian Navy
“Government certification tests of the fifth sub in the family – The Veliki Novgorod – have ended successfully. The sub will be handed over to the Black Sea fleet on October 25. The sixth submarine – The Kolpino – is due to be delivered on November 25,” Buzakov said.
This will increase to six the Black Sea Fleet’s group of upgraded project 636 submarines. The four others – The Novorossiisk, The Rostov-on-Don, The Stary Oskol and The Krasnodar – are already in service.
“The Admiralty Shipyards is ready to get down to work on the newly-concluded contracts for building another series of six submarines of project 636 for Russia’s Pacific Fleet,” Buzakov said.



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