Russia’s Mi-28NM Talks to Drones, Shoots Missiles With Lasers

​The newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta quoted Yevgeny Poluyanov of the Mil Experimental Design Bureau as saying that the upgraded version of Russia’s Mi-28NM “Night Hunter” attack helicopter will be equipped with bombs and be capable of interacting with unmanned aerial vehicles.
According to Poluyanov, the new Mi-28NM will be able to interact in a single information space with ground combat units and other types of high-tech weaponry, including drones. Poluyanov said that the Mi-28NM’s new version will be armed with various kinds of guided and unguided missiles as well as a bomb arsenal. “The helicopter is also equipped with the latest anti-jamming system and a laser array designed to deflect all existing heat-seeking missiles,” he said. Earlier, Poluyanov told RIA Novosti that “the Mi-28NM helicopter substantially outperforms the US attack helicopter AH-64-D Apache in terms of destroying air targets.” 
Russian Aerospace Forces to Start Receiving Mi-26T2 Helicopters in 2018 He added that this is achieved through the use of advanced Ataka and Khrizantema air-to-air guided missiles, which are part of Mi-28NM’s armament. The Mi-28NM is a modernized version of the Mi-28N Night Hunter attack helicopter; it is being upgraded to become a fifth-generation gunship. The project, which has been in development since 2008, is expected to be complete by next year. Among other things, the new version features a 360-degree radar and an advanced weapons guidance system that ensures faster target acquisition through an upgrade to the helicopter’s fire control system. …



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