China and Russia signed contract for delivery of 6 battalions of S-400 air defense systems

Russia and China reportedly signed the contract on the delivery of up to six battalions of 
Russian-made S-400 air defense missile system

 systems (NATO reporting name SA-21 Growler) to China in April last year. The details of the contract have not been disclosed.
In April 2015, China has signed an agreement with Russia for the purchase of six Russian-made S-400 Triumph air defense missile systems, according Sergei Chemezov, CEO of ROSTEC.

The signature of a contract on S-400 deliveries to Beijing was announced officially in spring 2015. At the time, Rosoboronexport Director General Anatoly Isaikin did not go into detail on the agreement, omitting the amount and schedule of the deal and the volume of the delivery. According to media reports, China placed a firm order for four S-400 battalions, with two more battalions as options. The contract is valued at $3 billion. 
The first batch of S-400 air defense missile could be delivered in the first quarter of 2016. China was the first first foreign customer of this Russian-made air defense system.
The S-400 is a Russian-made medium/long-range air defense missile system with the 36-target simultaneous engagement capability. It can guide up to 72 missiles to those 36 targets. The system is designed to destroy all latest and in-development aircraft and their weapons. The S-400 can take out enemy aircraft at a range of 400 km and battlefield ballistic missiles travelling at a speed of up to 4.8 km/s at a range of 60 km. Its target acquisition radar has a range of 600 km. The system’s 48N6E3 missiles are effective against aerodynamic threats at an altitude of 10-27,000 m and against ballistic ones at 2-25,000 m. 



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