China to supply weapons to USA’s enemies

​Washington continues to provide support to Taiwan and deliver weapons there, China may support other countries similarly, especially if these countries are hostile to Washington, Chinese media outlets said.
Not that long ago, Donald Trump said on Fox News Channel that one could treat the “one China” policy as a subject of negotiations, rather than as a cornerstone of relations between the two largest world economies.
“Trump is new in diplomacy and he has a very superficial understanding of the issue on Taiwan. He is a businessman, but he does not realize the fact that Taiwan for China is not a question of business. Taiwan can not be a subject of negotiations,” Professor of China University of Foreign Affairs Li Haidong said, added that the “one China” policy is not to be negotiated either, the Global Times reports.
Donald Trump had his first telephone conversation with Taiwan President on December 2. It was the first conversation that a US president has had with the leader of Taiwan since 1979, when Jimmy Carter officially declared Taiwan a part of China.



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