Putin says Irina Mikhalkina merits in the development of missile troops and artillery

​Putin says Vladimir Mikhalkina merits in the development of missile troops and artillerii02.01.2017 15:21:40 Moscow. January 2. Interfax – Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his deep condolences and words of support to Irina Mikhalkin in connection with the death of Marshal of Artillery Vladimir Mikhalkina, reports the Kremlin press service.

“He was an outstanding military leader, a patriot, a true defender of the motherland Vladimir Mikhalkin honorably passed the difficult test of the Great Patriotic War, and in the decades that followed -. Did much to strengthen our Armed Forces, development of missile troops and artillery, and was always faithful. oath and duty, to serve his people, “- said in a telegram to the head of state.

The fact that the 90-year died Marshal of Artillery V.Mihalkin – the last of those who wore this high rank, said on Monday, “Interfax-AVN” the head of the unit commanders Club Nikolay Deryabin.

“Vladimir Mikhailovich died on Sunday According to preliminary information, the funeral will be held on January 4 at the memorial cemetery in Mytishchi.”, – He said.

V.Mihalkin for more than half a century of service has gone from an artillery scout to the commander of the missile troops and artillery of the Land Forces.

The future Marshal went to the front, finished 7 grades of school. To get to the war, he attributed to himself three years, and in 17 years became a knight of the medal “For Courage” and “Defense of Leningrad”.

After the war V.Mihalkin externally passed the exam in the Artillery School, after which he returned to the unit.

Later he served in the Germany, the Carpathians, the Northern Caucasus. In the Belorussian Military District under his command were tested latest weapons, including rocket complex “Point”.

Until recently he worked as general inspector in the Office of Inspector General of the Defense Ministry.

Source: militarynews.ru


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